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Digital broker access with end-to-end automated tools at a fraction of the cost

Managing many brokers and other intermediaries is chaotic for your team and bad for your bottom line. We exist to replace a disjointed experience with one connected system to drive more value from your commercial insurance investment.

Ready to upgrade your commercial insurance placement and management experience?

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Risk matching

We ensure that only risks which match your appetite are submitted, ensuring that your time is spent on business with the highest win rate and in the mutually agreed footprint. Opportunities will be presented to you with a standardised level of information every time.

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Rating engine

Input your rates into our rating engine for automated quotation generation, ensuring speed and efficiency on every transaction. Digitise your products in-platform and enjoy the full cycle policy management.

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Policy fulfillment

Policy documents are automatically generated in-platform with a secure and viewable audit trail that you can access and download at any time. You can also simply upload your own policy documents for onwards transmission to the broker.

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Policy management

Mid-term adjustments, renewals and cancellations are communicated to you via the platform. If you have automated your products, then all documentation and accounting will be handled automatically. Otherwise, you will be able to upload revised policy documentation and debit notes.

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Back-office integration

API integration avoids rekeying into your existing back-office management platform. Risk data is transferred automatically and accurately.

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Agency management optimisation

Optimise and reduce costs on broker management by utilising our digital platform for the entire policy lifecycle from quotation to premium collection.

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